What is Renaissance Art Movement and How Did it Come to Be?

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Renaissance Art (1400–1600)
Renaissance Art (1400–1600)

Renaissance and Renaissance Art Reviews

Renaissance art is art created during the last part of the Middle Ages, and it is often described as an artistic genre. The term is often used to describe Italy’s art during this time and that of Europe in general. This article will give a brief overview of how this genre of art developed. 

What is Renaissance Art?

Renaissance art is commonly described as the art of the time of the medieval period, namely the period of Italian history known as the Medieval Renaissance, that emerged as a distinctly different style within Italy in about 1480, at a time when new developments took place in literature, science, music, architecture, and philosophy. As we will see in the next section, Renaissance art had a distinctive visual style, which was mostly a product of the artist’s taste and style. Giocatazzi and Botticelli are the most famous painters from the Medieval Renaissance period. However, several artists from other countries, such as Salome, were also significant contributors to this art form. For example, Leonardo da Vinci is well known for the Mona Lisa and even the frescoes at the Sistine Chapel. The main areas in which Renaissance art flourished were architecture, painting, and sculpture, though some of this art may be classed as poetry. Renaissance art was trendy in Italy, and many of its achievements can still be seen today. Some examples of some of the finest works produced during this time are the Sforza Fountain in Florence and the Pantheon in Rome.


As stated before, Renaissance art was mostly a product of the artist’s own individual style and tastes. So it would not be fair to assume that all of the works produced during this period were necessarily beautiful pieces of art. Several Renaissance artists were relatively unknown at the time, although their results were highly influential on the development of the art form itself. These artists include Giuliano da Vinci, who are well known for his drawings and paintings of animals, birds, boats, ships, scenery, and Michelangelo, who are well known for their beautiful, dramatic paintings. 

Renaissance Art and Examples

As well as being a product of individual tastes, Renaissance art was also influenced by the style of architecture at the time, which is reflected in the design and style of most of its paintings and sculptures. Early Renaissance buildings are often stylistically very similar. They include churches, palaces, universities, manor houses, other buildings, and other buildings that have been renovated since they were first built.


The most famous of these buildings is probably the Catacombs of Arles in Venice and the Pantheon in Rome, which are examples of some of the best Renaissance buildings. However, even if they were not constructed during the Renaissance, the Pantheon and Catacombs were significantly modified during the Baroque period, which saw many modern structures replaced with frescoes and statues. During this period, many new building developments took place, as well. Some of the most famous or most influential of the more popular Renaissance artists during the Baroque period were Michelangelo and Titian, whose paintings are still widely recognized today. Titian, for example, is well known for his depictions of Renaissance religious subjects such as Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

Renaissance art, in general, although not necessarily being a form of art, was also influenced by the music of the time. The renaissance era saw many innovations and changes in the style of music, and in particular, the theme of the time was hugely influenced by the Baroque period. The composers and musicians of this period, such as Andrea Bocelli, Antonio Salieri, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and others, were extraordinarily well-liked and had many fans of their own. Many of these artists are well-known and still well-loved today, although some do not enjoy the same popularity level as they once did.

During the Baroque period, some of the most important Renaissance artists were Leonardo Da Vinci, Donatello, and Michelangelo. These four artists are well-known throughout Europe and are still highly admired today, although their styles have changed slightly in recent years. In conclusion, the Renaissance art of the 15th century is very different from its more famous cousin in that it is not an absolute must be beautiful artwork. It can be a masterpiece of artistic brilliance and a highly influential piece of art that has had a significant influence on the style and evolution of Italian culture and the Renaissance era.